About Us

Mirek Rudecki is the current owner of LaMER.

He is an industrial chemist by profession. He has worked through his life in many different fields.

Mirek being an active and passionate inventor ( a member of the Inventor’s Association for more than 20 years) has allowed him to improve the flagpole manufacturing to the highest level.

The Spinner 360, a rotating rigid arm finial, is Mirek’s latest patented invention.

The banner pole with this finial allows the arm to follow the wind in either direction.

It lets as well to display the banner  neatly with the full potential attracting onlookers attention

His experience in the chemistry field helps him to optimize the anodizing processing to the highest level. He is also a sailor from his youth which allows him to understand the marine requirements and boat owners expectations.

Mirek’s total devotion to LaMER allows him personal attendance and participation in many different projects .

All customer will feel his warm attitude and friendly support.