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LaMER International P/L

Altona North Vic. 3025

21st of January 2011


Dear Mirek,

RE: Installation and Maintenance of Flag Banners for Melton Shire Council


Council would like to thank you for the installation /retrofitting and continued maintenance of the flag banners that LaMER International has provided to the Melton Shire since 2009.

We have received several comments and enquiries from other municipalities regarding this easy to use system. We have also had positive feedback from the community in regards to the banners and the continual promotions of various Council activities and events that is achieved via the banners throughout each year. As you are aware our previous system was very cumbersome. It required the use of a Cherry picker and a crew of 3-4 people every time a change of banners was required (every 2-3 months) and proved to be a very costly ongoing exercise for Council.


Since we have implemented the Spinner 360 system it has proven to be a very worthwhile investment. Council has realized a number of benefits associated with this system that include:

`    Each flag can be changed over by one person from the ground hence eliminating the

use of a crane and associated traffic control and lane closures;

`    As the system is so easy to use and the banner changeover process does not impact on

traffic, the frequency of banner changes has increased and provided Council with a

great ongoing marketing opportunity for Council events and activities;

`   The banners do not wrap around the pole due to the design. As such the banner will

Always stay in line with the wind and be clearly visible;

`    Tamper Proof lockable doors prevent the flags pulled down or the mechanism being

damaged by vandals.


Council is very pleased with the Spinner 360 banner poles and we look forward to the continued benefits associated with this system in the years to come


Yours sincerely,


Greg Wood

Civil Contracts Manager






To whom it concerns

Whale Spars manufactures yacht masts and boat components. We have been anodising all of our products at La Mer International for over ten years.

Mirek and the staff at La Mer have worked with untiring enthusiasm to create top class results with their knowledge and understanding of the problems in anodising very long and difficult extrusion components. The masts are up to 20 metres long and need careful handling to produce exceptional results. The components are complicated and due to the nature of the marine business and the vale of the yachts need to be of the highest quality and finish. La Mers service and attention to these details is the best I have experienced.

Mirek manages to complete my work on time for the strict deadlines that are in place for our rigs within the yacht manufacturing industry.

I am honoured to be able to send my highest recommendation for La Mer International anodising to anyone considering using their service.

Yours sincerely

J Denton
Whale Spars




Dear Mirek,

The Banner Pole maintenance Program over the last 5 years has been a huge success by providing Banner Sites throughout the City of Melbourne to promote & highlight major festivals/activities for the people of Melbourne.

Your professional involvement in providing & installing banner poles through Melbourne in a safe manner has allowed the Banner Program to develop as a huge marketing tool for the entire community to benefit with the knowledge of upcoming sporting, theatrical & cultural activities.

Over the last 12 month period the introduction of the new Spinner Assembly will definitely change the focus of the banner program by allowing all banners to fly in the one direction be clearly identified with the branding.

I look forward to your ongoing support & professional services with the City of Melbourne’s Banner Program.

Yours sincerely

Ray A Thompson

Project Manager