The best protection for aluminium is anodising. It is an electrolytic process of creating an aluminium oxide layer on the aluminium surface, which improves it’s features.

The layer hardens the surface (next to the diamond on the hardness scale) and –even more important-stops electro corrosion. The layer is connected by chemical bonds to the metal, therefore protects the aluminium  indefinitely (unlike the paint or powder coating which deteriorates in time by the weather condition especially UV).

Anodising also improves aesthetics by the elegant satin finish.

LaMer has anodising facilities, unique in the industry. 20 meters long tanks (longest in Autralia) allow to deliver the service to the marine and construction industries where the long items are essential.

All aluminium  flagpoles made by LaMER are anodised in house, placing the company in the special position in this line.

Because of the sizes, all items are treated individually, allowing us to deliver very high quality finished product.