Rota banners


Rotating arm banner poles for flying vertical banners

Rota Banner is a low cost way to fly a banner. The rigid arm keeps the banner deployed when there is no wind. The same fabric is used  as for a normal flags therefore  the banner behaves like a flag giving lively impression and presenting the artwork in the still wether

3 ways to change the banners

  • Elevated platform
  • Removing the pole from the socket
  • Lowering the pole using the hinge base

These poles are widely used by councils and large venues. They are attractive looking, maintenance free with  the following features:

  • aluminium pole high tensile aluminium 6351-T6
  • natural anodised finish
  • Rigid top banner arm that rotates with the wind, holds up the banner when there is no wind
  • No ropes or pulleys.


Model No. Length
Diameter Flag Size Max m2
692060 6 80 3
692070 7 100/80 5
692080 8 100/80 5
629090 9 100/80 5


  • Powder coating to the colour of your choice available
  • Spigot with a ground socket
  • Spigot with the hinge base
  • Wall brackets

Download – Brochure