Super Banner Pole












LaMer developed these poles together with Melbourne City Council many years back
We keep this traditional name for this kind of banner poles.  They were designed for

  • Size of the banners > 4.5 (and longer) x 1.8 m
  • The strength of the banner poles performing in all weather condition
  • Public safety as the intention was to install them in  areas exposed to the public and heavy traffic

They are  step tapered poles, therefore are extra strong because of the thickness of the wall of the aluminium , overlapping inside , straight high tensile tubes ,  no heat treatment which is implemented during the machine or hand tapering.
They are not replaceable with any other designs
We are proud of the quality we supply
With time they became landmarks, the standard and they are strongly in demand
They can cover the range 9-14 meters high. The typical ( and the most popular) size is 10.5 meters.