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Free Quotation

It is our standard and preferred way to give our customers written quotation. It is practical for both sides. We have the evidence in our system. The customer can expect the same price level when it is decided to go ahead some other or later time.

Our quotations are free, however in case we have to come for an inspection to the site to consult , review or prepare datas for installation. We might charge time involved.


We install our flagpoles if it is required

We cover all aspects of installation in all possible conditions regardless of the complexity

Points need to be addressed and considered

    • Location
    • Weather and ground conditions
    • Underground services
    • Services above the site
    • Access to the site
    • Pedestrians and traffic management if necessary of required


Frequently customers have their own ideas how would they like to have their flagpoles done, set up or arranged

We are open to use our experience to suggest the best solutions and make a technical design which make it feasible

This point is especially valuable for architects, which would like to materialize their vision or given task. We work along with many architects .It is important especially for the bigger projects to work hand in hand as it helps to avoid complications in the future

Structural Calculation

An engineer who is going to make a calculation needs an information about the local conditions

    • A Geo Report from the geologist would be required to assist the foundation designing, its size and reinforcement.
    • It is a separate soil test done by the geo technician. A soil core drilling is involved in this test
    • Local weather condition ( Terrain Category) has to be provided
    • Size of the flag to be used
    • Design and material used for the flagpole which is usually provided by us
      Typically the design for the foundation is done at the same time by the same engineer

We welcome if the customer has their own or preferred engineers. In such case only a flagpole drawing and details are provided by us.


Points about Certification

    •  Different Councils have different Rules and requirements in this regard
    • In general- certification is required in public sites
    • On private land certification usually is not obligatory
    •  Certification cannot be used twice. It is used only for one specific site and for the one customer. It is not transferable because the customer pays for certification
    •  Only licensed civil engineer is entitled to issue certifications
    •  Many different variables are used for calculations which is a base for issuing the certification
      • Local weather condition are taken into consideration
      • Soil condition
      • Size of the flag
      • Design and material used for the flagpole
    • Some Council require an inspection during constructing the foundation, which is an additional cost


Structural Calculation is essential for issuing the certification

Have a look at our CALCULATIONS page for further comments


It is desirable to keep existing flagpoles in the good shape

It requires occasional inspection to assess a necessary steps to maintain pole safe operational before it become inconvenient when it is needed

It is specially important for customers with the big numbers of poles

We have a continuous arrangements with Councils to do this kind of service which is practical and saves time and money and works to both sides satisfaction.


We look after our customers needs with all necessary repairs to keep flagpoles operable and in good shape

The customer information about the existing pole would be necessary

    • Who manufacture the pole ( LaMER or other suppliers)
    • Height of the pole
    • Type of the halyard (internal,external)
    • Description of the of the problem
    • Is cherry picker or other equipment necessary
    • Access to the site
    • It would be desirable and practical to take a photos of the faulty pole to make our assessment and preparation faster and simple

We do also other work in this service category

    • Removing and disposing the existing flagpoles
    • Repositioning the existing flagpole
    • Supplying additional pole which needed to match the existing poles

Goal Posts Repair and Maintenance

    • RelocationsSpare Parts
    • Anti Theft/Vandalism
    • SystemsStraightening and Realignment of all Poles
    • Additional Ground Tubes (Ex Stock)

2 Year warranty on all workmanship and non-perishable components (Excluding Nets/ropes/flags etc)


This service is related to anodizing

We have high quality standard in regard of preparation for anodisng

We don’t welcome scratched surfaces as the result of anodisng is poor

We have a facility to prepare surface of the aliminium


We welcome customers participation in this line , as we want to keep the price down

It is worth talk to us before about it to find the best solution


We are happy to support our potential customers in their decisions what flagpoles to buy, or choose which way to go.
You can get ready to answer and expect the following questions

    • What type of flag you want to fly (flag or banner)
    • What size of flag you wish to have
    • What type of halyard is needed ( external or internal)
    • What height of poles is required
    • What type of pole is considered (straight, step tapered, machined or hand tapered )
    • What kind of finish is desired ( anodized, powder coated or painted)
    • Type of finial
    • Who is installing?
    • Way of delivery (we welcome suggested preferred freighter especially to remoted part of Australia as being local customer can chose the best carrier

Why Choose LaMer

We can supply flagpoles of any kind you are looking for : whether they are straight or tapered,  roof or wall mounted, vertical or outriggers, yardarms or telescopic with different halyards systems -sophisticated or simple ,

There are varieties of different designs to suit your situation and needs.

We can also supply you with flags, banners, custom made logo flags, decorative or advertising banners, garden flags or buntings.

Besides producing state of the art flagpoles, banner poles, goal posts, we also provide anodizing services

The badges illustrate this.  We also focus on key benefits they will get while using our services, namely quick turnaround times and dedicated support. You could also use them to show awards you won for your best work.

8 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

Quick Turnaround

Dedicated Support

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